Best Skin Clearing Products


Sometimes, having clear and even skin appears to be reserved for the genetically gifted. Often times, when I ask someone how they came to have such clear, glowing and supple skin, they reply, “my skin has always been pretty clear,” or my favorite, ” I don’t know, I just use regular soap.” Of course you do, you undeserving little baby-skinned brat. Haha, just kidding…kind of. You see, so many of us spend our hard earned money on products that don’t seem to do anything other than make our noses happy—and even then, some of these products can’t offer so much as a pleasant scent whilst we lather up. Why is this? Are we using the wrong products? Are we applying the products incorrectly? Or is there something else preventing us from envy-worthy epidermal perfection? Well the simple answer is: yes—all of the above.

Many skincare products out there tout themselves as: “age-reversing”, “skin-clearing”, and “glow enhancing,” but often fall short of anything more than flower scented goop. What to do when you have tried everything on the market—products that pissed off your bank account; or even those homemade disturbing concoctions that made you think, “I hope no one finds out that I put urine on my face.” Yes, that was a riveting suggestion I once heard in my high-school drama class (due to urine’s antiviral and antibacterial properties, it is believed to be useful for: fungal infections, rashes and cystic acne.) Before you run to the bathroom, pee and toss that cup in your face, I would like to share with you some, less primal alternatives.

HANACURE: $157.98

Hanacure is a said to be an all-in-one ultimate time-reversal facial treatment. Packing a powerful punch, the Hanacure facial treatment is comprised of four different peptides, including: lotus leaf extract (the ingredient that inspired Hanacure’s product due to it’s symbolism of purity), green tea extract and honeysuckle (ummm yum). Seeing as how I only named three ingredients of this facial treatment juggernaut, it is important to note that the makers of Hanacure keep the total formula make-up a secret.

alright, then

This mask is said to be an incredible face-lifter, wrinkle-reducer and skin-clearer for a dewy and fresh looking appearance. Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, January Jones and Busy Philipps absolutely adore this mask and say it is well worth the cost (I’d say so too, if I was a millionaire lol,) however, after seeing the before and after results—I’m obliged to concur. The only downside to this treatment—you LITERALLY turn into an old goat as the mask dries and you try to move your frozen face.

If you have a wicked sense of humor, then take a picture of yourself and post it on your timeline.


The Hanacure mask is well worth the price I would say, but what if there was a mask that others would describe as equally effective—and cost less than half that of the Hanacure treatment? Ladies and gentlemen, grab your pimples and wrinkly skin because the Zombie Pack is screaming your name—and your skin is screaming right back! Key ingredients in this treatment are: Albumin and Centella Asiatica. Similar to the Hanacure treatment process, the steps include: adding serum to the powder and applying the concoction to your face with a soft wand brush.


Are face wipes and your average facial cleanser leaving your skin feeling less than stellar and renewed? For those of you not in the skincare industry, or simply just not aware, the older we get, the slower our skin cell turnover rate is. That buildup of skin results in dullness, dryness and exaggerated hypo/hyper-pigmentation. Aside from expensive chemical peels and microdermabrasions, the next best thing you can do to ensure that your dead skin is sloughing off continuously, is to use a great facial scrub.


Squalane is derived from squalene. Squalene is a fat-soluble anti-oxidant that is found in: our own bodies (produced more in our younger years); certain plants; and in the liver of some deep sea sharks. Not only is the extraction of squalene from sharks inhumane but it is also very unstable and does not last long on shelves. Squalane, on the other hand, is a more stable and a cruel-free product derived from olives. Why am I suggesting you add Squalane to your beauty regimen? Squalane is extremely moisturizing and with it’s super-light texture, it will not sit on the surface layer of your skin. Ironically, Squalane is also an oil-control product due to it’s natural properties; and will not leave you feeling greasy after the application. Apply at night, under make-up, or add to your face anytime you need a moisturizing boost!


During my training in skin care school our teacher explained to us why even the best moisturizers do little for the skin’s benefit. All-too-often, skincare products get applied night and day and after a while, we’re left wondering, is my skin incapable of greatness? Fear not for your skin is capable of greatness! The problem lies within the products absorption rate—and the process in which you apply the product. For a face product to be effective, the ingredients need to be comprised of small enough molecules that can easily penetrate the surface layers of the skin. Well lets say you have a great product at home and do not necessarily want to trash it because it does not seem to be as effective on your skin—what you need then, is a dermaroller. A dermaroller creates microscopic puncture wounds on the surface layer of the epidermis and will allow products to get underneath and work their magic!


Speaking of dermarolling, face-masks and dermarolling go beautifully hand-in-hand. Without diving to far deep into the benefits of face-masks, let’s just say—most of your expensive face masks will work 100 times better if they had easy access to the underneath layers of your skin’s surface. I have included some of my favorite and the ones I have used before and after I purchased my dermaroller.

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