My Eyelash Experience at Luxe K Studio



For years I had been contemplating getting eyelash extensions, the two factors stoppig me were: my eyelashes were (usually) pretty long naturally and the second reason, I have major trust issues with beauticians. You see, I believe when you become licensed in any cosmetology field, you naturally acquire an expectation of higher standards for related services and, through schooling, you sometimes see some jacked up work (even in the latter part of their training.) Not only do you witness some of your future beauty associate’s less than sub-par “art”, but with social media and the internet, there are endless examples of why it is ALWAYS recommended to do your research before booking an appointment.

*Yes, I was a licensed esthetician at one point. Due to my lack of planning and pure laziness as a vacillating 22 year old, I let my license lapse. Don’t be like Meg.*

So what led me to finally decide to take the plunge with eyelash extensions? The following:

  • Haphazard weather in Florida as of late (early February 2019) virtually deleted my natural lashes.
  • Strip lashes make my eyes EXTREMELY itchy!
  • Daily mascara over-dosing, and destructive removal of mascara at night.
  • The cost of mascara and the general shelf life of most mascaras (not long enough).
  • Waking up more tired and being less motivated to put on makeup.


Due to these—very first world—inconveniences, my eyelashes appeared less than feminine—aka: very short and very thin. Call it law of attraction, coincidence or divine intervention of the beauty gods… at the peak of my plight, Luxe K Studio began popping up on my Facebook and Instagram—flooding my feed with flawless, gorgeous and voluptuous eyelash extension photos.



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Taking the pictures as a sign, I decided to reach out and book an appointment. I messaged the salon and confirmed my appointment for Tuesday, February 5th 2019 at 12:00pm. Being a former esthetician, I kind of knew what to expect as far as the actual eyelash extension process went… but boy did I underestimate the experience I was about to have at Luxe K Studio.

I arrived at the salon, conveniently located less than five minutes from my house and on a main road in West Tampa ( Cypress st). As I walked up to the salon, I spotted a drop dead gorgeous woman speaking to a couple of people outside in the parking lot.

KSENIIA (aka my Lash Queen)


I instantly recognized her as Kseniia, (from the Luxe K Studio Facebook page, and Luxe K Studio Instagram,) the artist who was to be taking my lashes from ‘meh’, to ‘OOO LA LA!’ We said hello, hugged and walked inside the studio to sign paperwork.

Right away, I knew I was walking in to a salon that put beauty on a pedestal and held their client’s satisfaction to the highest standards.


Professional eyelash care and skin treatments to one side of the studio and beautiful hair care on the other.

Post paperwork, we made our way to the room where I would be getting my glam on—and I needed it in the worst way. This room was so elegant, comfortable and truly made for ultimate client satisfaction. A long beautiful white dress, placed on an eloquent cage mannequin, was situated in the corner of the room. A huge, classical style mirror placed to the right of the dress, faces each client as they lay down a basic b… (haha jk)—and sit up, an ultimate glam queen. Kseniia prompted me to lie down and get comfortable. As I placed myself on the uber-comfortable, body conforming bed, Kseniia came over to my side and asked if I would like a blanket? I hesitated as I was not cold at the moment, but as soon as my hand felt the plush and warm polyester fabric—I melted and graciously accepted.


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Away we went! The whole process took about 2 hours (around the amount of time a full-set should take.) During the session, Kseniia would ask me questions about my life, and I, questions about hers. Our conversations were very light and warm, but filled with spur moments of contagious giggles. What were we laughing at? Well, what started as one quick giggle, followed by a single tear—lead to more nervous giggles, which led to more tears. Go figure—the one thing that would put a rift in Kseniia’s artwork was my nervous tick of the giggle fits and the inevitable waterworks that followed. The only saving grace for those moments was Kseniia’s keen, meticulous skill for saving what lashes had already been so carefully applied; and for fanning my wet eyes to prevent any further adhesion complications. On top of that inconvenience, as it turns out, it is quite the challenge for me to keep my eyes closed and still. Did this prevent Kseniia from doing what she does best? Not even a little bit… just, maybe, prolonged the process.


While I lied there, in the moments of silence, I thought to myself: whatever she is doing, she is making sure every single lash is in its perfect place—and it was almost if I could picture the amount of artistic touch that was put into the placement of each new lash.

Kseniia was finished and the moment came when I could finally sit up and take in all the work that had been done. I was speechless…

BEFORE (not much lash(s) to work with haha)


and AFTER…




To say, I feel as if I got my money’s worth, is simply an understatement. To say, I would recommend Luxe K Studio to anyone—is obviously the truest statement. Thank you Kseniia for far exceeding my expectations and for giving me the lashes, I could only dream about, until now!

Luxe K Studio also offers a training program where you can become a certified eyelash extension professional… and earn big bucks as your own boss! For a super sweet discount, COPY and give Luxe K Studio this code: MegALash 


OMBRE Eyelash Extensions now available at Luxe K Studio!




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