How Dr. Mew Will Save Your Face


Has anyone ever told you the key to external beauty/handsomeness is the placement of your maxilla? Bet not. The maxilla and mandible’s placement on your face and the level of ‘attractiveness’ your face presents, is not common knowledge. I mean, who really looks at a face and thinks—their mandible and maxilla is too far back, or too far forwards? Unless you are a plastic surgeon who specializes in facial symmetry, the placement of these two INCREDIBLY important bones does not register as vital to attractiveness.

***Disclaimer***: when I speak on “attractiveness” I am NOT insinuating that ‘your attractiveness’ as a person relies on your appearance; and/or the symmetry of your face. This article is in existence based on the premise that biological ‘attractiveness’ is linked to one’s facial symmetry—and furthermore, the maxilla/mandible bones play a MAJOR role in facial symmetry/asymmetry.

My facial deformity story began at the young age of one day old. No, believe it or not, I did not genetically inherit a facial deformity—at least not directly. Unbeknownst to me, my facial deformity was a direct cause of something I was unaware I was doing ‘wrong’. Without getting into too much detail of my journey through correcting this deformity, I will just say I (my parents) went through thousands of dollars on corrective surgeries and orthodontics to treat my issue—not knowing, the only treatment was cost-free. What is this treatment I am referring to? The answer is mouth posture. Unfortunately for my parent’s pockets, my own pockets and my pain tolerance for jaw surgery, I did not know that the one thing I needed to do to correct my TMJ, facial structure and my overall health was to learn how to breath correctly.

PS: If you have a TMJ disorder, you know just how painful and debilitating it can be…


History of orthodontics and Dr. Mew’s contribution to the industry.

Dr. Mew came into my life by chance and by searching for an answer after braces, jaw surgery and related orthodontics did not cure my issue. I simply went to Google and searched: how to correct TMJ naturally. From there, Dr. Mew’s video on tongue posture and correct breathing practices came across the search results.

Needless to say, after watching this video and reading up on Dr. Mew’s Orthotropic practices, I felt DUPED by every dental professional I sought after for help (mostly in my adolescents.) Not ONCE did any orthodontist, dentists, surgeon or physician tell me that breathing through my mouth was causing my facial deformity and severe TMJ disorder. Allergies played a major role in my incorrect breathing posture; I had extremely large adenoids (very common in most people) that blocked my nose from taking in sufficient air. The physicians and dentists were aware of my allergy issues, as the question was frequently asked if I had allergies. Subsequently, I had my adenoids and tonsils removed. Another factor that further triggered my deformity was frequent strep throat infections I had growing up. Still, however, not one medical professional told me that my daily mouth posture would prevent me from recovering from my ‘deformity’. I mean, it is obvious these doctors would lose an incredible amount of money if they simply told my parents to make sure I was breathing through my nose and resting my tongue on the roof of my mouth.

Disclaimer: I am not trying to suggest that these medical professionals were treating my issues based solely on the amount they could profit off of treatments. In fact, I have become fond of and truly respect a few orthodontists and dental practitioners that worked on me… having said that, when your parents and insurance providers dish out upwards of $10,000 on braces (3 times each), more than $30,000 on jaw surgeries, $3,000 on palate expanders and thousands more on other procedures to try to correct my jaw deformity (and not fully succeed) well then yes, you can say I am suspicious of some of their motives.

On another note, from my research on Dr. Mew and other likeminded professionals, I have surmised that the study of and correlation between ‘tongue posture’ and jaw deformities are still in it’s infancy.

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If you frequently breathe through your mouth, have a receding/or protruding jaw, TMJ issues and/or sleep-apnea—you might seriously benefit from Dr. Mew’s tongue posture solution. A simple breakdown of this super simple, yet habit challenging, treatment is to:

  • Breathe with your mouth closed—AT ALL TIMES.
  • The only time your mouth should be open is when you speak, or put food/drinks into it.
  • ALWAYS rest tongue on the roof of your mouth, maintaining consistent pressure on the roof.
  • Chew food with your mouth closed.
  • Chew hard gum and or food to work your madible/maxilla. (Caution to those who currently have a painful TMJ disorder—this practice might not be advisable.)
  • Try to keep your mouth closed whilst you sleep (most people do not realize their mouth falls open during sleep and or resting hours.)

I am sharing my story because I feel it is so important for people to be aware of alternative treatments, before seeking extremely expensive surgeries and orthodontics. Please check out Dr. Mew and his discovery for mouth/tongue posture and ask yourself… are you breathing the right way?
Learn, in-depth, how to utilize proper mouth posture for optimal facial growth here:

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